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GSC Limited was not only one of the first companies to offer English hardware and software in Japan, but has been a computer maintenance service company for many years. Our clients include Japanese and foreign companies, and foreign embassies; where we setup and maintain computer networks. Our cost-effective services are specially geared towards companies that do not have their own IT staff. Our service contracts cost a fraction of hiring a system administrator, and are best suited for small to mid-size companies that need a bilingual computing environment. 

Who should be using these services?

What are the main advantages? 

Besides the small cost of having computer specialists "on-call", one of the main benefits is the advice that only GSC can give. As a hardware reseller we have access to all the new software and hardware newly released in the market. We are constantly reviewing, testing and applying such hardware/software. This keeps us up-to-date on the newer, better ways of doing things. This knowledge we pass on to our customers, something an in-house System Administrator could hardly provide given the rate of change in the computer world.