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GSC Limited was established as a Kabushiki Gaisha (KK, public limited company) in 1987; as a trading company, dealing mainly in the export of Japan-made consumer electronics to various countries around the world. A certain portion of the business was also involved in the retail sale of these products to the small foreign community in Japan.
As the foreign community has grown, GSC has endeavored to supply its need for English language equipment starting with fax machines and cordless phones in the late 1980s. As computers began to become more popular, GSC became one of the first companies to start selling these machines to it's expat and embassy clients (starting with Intel 386 machines). With the advent of computer networks, the more challenging administration and setup of company LANs became an important part of GSC services.
In 2003 GSC Limited became a COMPUTER CONSULTANCY and exclusively deals with corporate system administrations since then. Hardware is only sold to its corporate customers on request, and it works directly with the 3 biggest distributors in Japan: Softbank, Otsuka Shokai and Catena. Various items are also imported from the USA, through agents there. GSC is an authorized agent for all major hardware/software/licenses in Japan. 
GSC has had thousands of retail customers from all walks of life. Current corporate system administration clients include foreign embassies, shipping companies, trading companies, consultants, pharmaceutical companies and schools.